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The Ultimate Wordpress Mobile Redirect Plugin

The Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect is a WordPress plugin that detects visitors who are visiting your website from a mobile device or tablet and redirects those visitors to a mobile/tablet optimized page of your choice. This plugin uses the most reliable form of detection – PHP user agent detection. Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect detects all the most common mobile smart phones and tablets so you don’t have to worry if your visitor is being redirected to your mobile/tablet optimized page.

Unlike most other wordpress redirect plugins, Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect allows you to specify a different mobile/tablet URL for every page and post on your WordPress site. This means if a mobile/tablet visitor is trying to view your services page, you can redirect them to the mobile/tablet version of your service page, rather than sending them to your mobile/tablet website homepage. This results in a much better user experience – giving you a better chance of capturing a lead/sale, showing the visitor exactly what they’re searching for, and you’ll no longer be penalized by Google!

You may not know, but if you redirect your mobile/tablet visitors to the same mobile/tablet page no matter what landing page they are trying to visit, your website is being penalized by Google in their search rankings.

Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin Includes The Following Features

  • One click install – Activate the plugin, enter your mobile and tablet URLs, and you’re done.
  • Set a default URL for all of the pages on your wordpress site, but have the ability to override any page with a unique mobile and tablet URL designed for that specific page.
  • Set a default URL for all of the posts on your wordpress site, but have the ability to override any post with a unique mobile and tablet URL designed for that specific page.
  • You can deactivate the mobile/tablet redirect on any page or post if you’d rather the visitor not be redirected at all.
  • You’ll be provided with a special URL for every page and post to avoid mobile/tablet redirects even when you’re on a mobile or tablet device. (Ex: this would be used a link on your mobile page if the visitor would rather view the “desktop” page/post)
  • Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect plugin utilizes the most reliable & accurate form of detection – PHP user agent detection.

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Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin 30-Day Money Back GuaranteeIf for any reason you’re unhappy with the Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect plugin, simply send us a
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“The Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect is exactly that… the ultimate. I literally tried 30 ways to redirect mobile users and all provided challenges with wordpress. This was simple and worked perfectly on all platforms tested. I should not have
wasted my time and just paid for this at the start. Don't hesitate, its a very small price to pay for a solution that is so simple. Highly recommended.”

– Scott A.

“Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect does exactly what the title says it would do, and it does it extremely well. It’s super easy to redirect pages and it works extremely quickly. I couldn’t be happier with how it works. The support is also great. I was able to get help within 24 hours and it made huge difference for our project. I completely recommend the use of this plugin.”

– Eric Shew

“Thank you so much for creating this plugin! I searched all over and this is the only plugin that would allow me to redirect my pages individually. The support is amazing! I had some troubles setting it up due to the theme I use. When I reached out for help Eric got right back to me and helped me fix it within the day. If you only want to redirect specific pages on your site this is the plugin for you. Thanks again!”

– Eric

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Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin

Mobile and Tablet Redirect WordPress Plugin
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